Colorado BMI Monitoring System

The Colorado BMI Monitoring System combines measured heights and weights collected from multiple health care organizations to calculate body mass index (BMI). The system generates community-level overweight and obesity prevalence estimates. Most recent estimates are based on three years (2014-2016) of data collected from participating health care organizations. The development and distribution of these data are intended to be used for planning and evaluating obesity-focused projects and programs.


BMI data is obtained from each systems’ electronic health record and combined into one database managed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. These data represent individuals who presented for routine care at one of the participating health care organizations, and had a valid height and weight measured. Overweight and obesity prevalence estimates are available for the 7 metro Denver counties, and for rural Prowers County. Estimates generated from the Colorado BMI Monitoring System may be linked with other data sources to identify contributory social and environmental factors.

Maps (PDF)

  • Metro Denver Region
    • Adams County
      • Children/Youth  Adams County Child Obesity Map
      • Adults  Adams County Adult Obesity Map
    • Arapahoe County
      • Children/Youth  Arapahoe County Child Obesity Map
      • Adults  Arapahoe County Adult Obesity Map
    • Boulder County
      • Children/Youth  Boulder County Child Obesity Map
      • Adults  Boulder County Adult Obesity Map
    • Broomfield County
      • Children/Youth  Broomfield County Child Obesity Map
    • Denver County
      • Children/Youth  City and County of Denver Child Obesity Map By Census Tract City and County of Denver Child Obesity Map By Neighborhood
      • Adults  City and County of Denver Adult Obesity Map By Census Tract City and County of Denver Adult Obesity Map By Neighborhood
    • Douglas County
      • Children/Youth  Douglas County Child Obesity Map
    • Jefferson County
      • Children/Youth  Jefferson County Child Obesity Map
  • Regions Outside of Metro Denver
    • Prowers County
      • Children/Youth  Adobe PDF
      • Adults  Adobe PDF
  • Web Maps

  •   Metro Denver
  •   Prowers County

    Data Tables (Excel)

  • Adobe PDFChildren/Youth (All Regions), Census Tract Estimates
  • Adobe PDFAdults (All Regions), Census Tract Estimates
  • Adobe PDFCity and County of Denver, Neighborhood Estimates
  • Adobe PDFCity and County of Denver, Demographic Estimates

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