What is Community Inclusion?

The Community Inclusion in Colorado maps (CICOmaps) were created by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and University of Colorado Assistive Technology Partners to enhance current emergency preparedness and response planning and resources by making location-based community information easy-to-access. The maps include community demographics and functional characteristics at the census-tract (sub-county) level. They include the locations, service areas, and phone numbers of community providers and health care facilities.

CDPHE acknowledges that generations-long social, economic, and environmental inequities result in adverse health outcomes. They affect communities differently and have a greater influence on health outcomes than either individual choices or one’s ability to access health care. Reducing health disparities through policies, practices, and organizational systems can help improve opportunities for all Coloradans.

Video Introduction   Recorded Webinar

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Maps and Data

  • General Indicators
  •   Key Socio-Demographic Indicators

  • Disabilities
  •   Disability Population and Disparity Data

  • Ambulatory/Mobility Resources
  •   Ambulatory and Mobility-Difficulty Related Resources

  • Cognitive Resources
  •   Cognitive-Difficulty Related Resources

  • Early Child Care and Disability Resources
  •   Disability and other resources for Youth and Children

  • Hearing Resources
  •   Hearing-Difficulty Related Resources

  • Independent Living and Self-Care Resources
  •   Independent Living and Self-Care Resources

  • Vision Resources
  •   Vision-Difficulty Related Resources

  • Durable Medical Equipment
  •   Maps showing inventory of Durable Medical Equipment (CMS/ASPR)

  • Change Over Time Maps
  •   Maps detailing 5-Year change for each General Indicator

    Quick Guide to Using the Maps

    List of Indicators used in each Map

    Balancing the Triangle

    CDPHE Colorado Community Inclusion

    A Collaborative Effort

    CDPHE Colorado Community Inclusion

    Colorado Statewide Independent Living Council

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